How do YouTubers contribute to speculation in Andorra?: They blame the YouTubers for the speculation in Andorra

YouTubers contribute to speculation in Andorra by investing their capital in real estate, which has led to a boom in the property market in the country . They are attracted to Andorra due to its soft fiscal policy and the potential economic returns from real estate investments . The rising prices in Andorra have made any home a store of value, and YouTubers, like other elites, use housing as a privileged financial product . This influx of capital from YouTubers and other investors has triggered the construction of new housing and the purchase of apartments, leading to a 30% increase in prices over the past five years . The government of Andorra has taken measures to combat property speculation, including temporarily suspending foreign real estate investment and introducing new taxes.

ANDORRA LA VELLA La Plataforma per un Habitatge Digne has published a statement in which it blames "YouTubers, vulture funds and the wealthy families of Andorra" for the speculation that has led to the escalation in the price of flats and very high cost to access a home.

The collective includes, but a novelty with respect to previous messages. He asks the Government to "regulate the real estate market and avoid the accumulation of properties by unscrupulous investors". It is emphasized that he has laid "a red carpet for investment and luxury construction".

It is criticized that this speculation "is forcing us to spend more than half of our salary on rent, leaving us insufficient resources to cover basic needs and enjoy a full life". It is added that "the workers we charge 1,370 euros cannot pay rents from 1,500".

They indicate that they will not allow "our homes to become a mere commodity" subject to market dynamics and "the maelstrom of speculation". They report that housing is becoming unaffordable for many residents, who see how their neighbors are evicted without any control."

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