Pity! Dog Meat Sales Damage Indonesia's Image in the World

  • Activists believe that the continued rampant sale of dog meat is causing Indonesia's international image to be unfavorable, because it violates animal welfare.
  • Referring to Human Society International data, the dogs that are consumed are treated very inappropriately.
  • For this reason, the Law on the Prohibition of Dog and Cat Meat Trade is very necessary.
  • It is also important to issue this regulation because there are still many local governments that have not yet made regulations regarding the prohibition of the dog and cat meat trade.

Rosita Mawardi (53), a worker at a veterinary clinic in Depok, stammered, expressing her concern about the fate of dogs that were still being tortured for their meat. The bespectacled woman expressed her concern when she took part in the action against the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in front of the DPR/MPR Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta.

Together with dozens of other activists for the welfare of domestic animals in Indonesia, this woman who also owns a mini cat shelter in her house said that the mammal with the Latin name Canis lupus familiaris should be used as a pet, not for consumption.

"We can't bear to see animals treated inappropriately," shouted Rosita, while holding a megaphone, Thursday (01/02/2024).

Rosita's lack of courage arose because personally, she admitted that she had witnessed for herself how the main supplier who sold dog meat was treated. To get live dogs, the supplier he saw first trapped stray dogs on the streets.

So that it doesn't come loose and bark, the legs and mouth of the entangled dog are then tied tightly.

After that, according to Rosita's story, this animal, which was able to live until the age of 13, was then put in a sack and beaten many times until it could no longer breathe. Sadly, apart from stray dogs, the residents' garden guard dogs were also not spared from being stolen and tortured by the suppliers they saw.

“Honestly, I'm actually afraid of dogs. However, crimes like this cannot be allowed to continue to occur. "For this reason, moments like this remind me of events I saw when I was in high school," said this woman who was born in Bengkulu.

New Crime

Michael Sianipar (37), a man who loves dogs, admitted that he was sad to see the proliferation of food stalls serving dog meat dishes. On this basis, this bespectacled man also attended the action which was attended by dozens of domestic animal lovers from different backgrounds.

According to him, consuming dog meat is a bad habit that must be abandoned immediately. Because, the process of killing dogs to be used as food that he saw tended to be exploitative and sadistic.

Apart from being beaten, he said, the process of getting dog meat for consumption was also carried out by burning the dogs alive.

He is sure that some of the people who ate the dog did not know that the plate of meat they consumed contained extraordinary torture and cruelty.

"For me, this is a new crime that must be ended immediately," stressed the man who often campaigns to stop eating dog meat via social media.

In this way, he hopes that the regional government will really check the lapo or stalls that usually provide processed dog meat food.

Those who violate their stalls must be closed or sealed. Moreover, the existing lapo generally provides a place for slaughter. He believes that several regulations regarding the prohibition of the sale of dog meat in several regions in Indonesia are still relatively loose and have not provided a deterrent effect.

Apart from that, the existence of several areas where eating dog meat is a tradition is also highlighted, for example in Manado, Bali and Batak.

"The Batak tradition of eating dog is more just an accompaniment to drinking palm wine, but it is closely related to ancient Batak animist beliefs. "They believe that consuming dog meat gives strength to the human spirit," he explained.


Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) Legal and Advocacy Manager and action coordinator, Adrian Hane, said that this effort is a continuation of various events and hearings that have been carried out so far, both at the regional, central and Commission IV DPR levels.

According to him, this instrument to prohibit the dog meat trade is really necessary, this regulation also applies to cats. This is needed because cruel behavior towards pets still often occurs.

Referring to Human Society International data, the dogs that are consumed are treated very inappropriately. Apart from being cramped in a truck, his feet and mouth were tied, he was taken for days without eating or drinking. They were killed in sadistic ways, such as being beaten, electrocuted, burned alive, and immediately drowned in water.

“The country must show its support for this important issue by establishing a national animal protection commission. "Apart from that, the animal welfare education curriculum also needs to be included in national formal education," he explained.

Adrian said that it is important to issue this regulation because there are still many regional governments that have not yet made regulations regarding the prohibition of the dog and cat meat trade. There are only eight regions that have made these regulations, in the form of regional regulations or circular letters from regents/mayors.

Meanwhile, Karin Franken, Founder & CEO of Jakarta Animal Aid Network said, the Law on the Prohibition of Trade in Dog and Cat Meat is necessary because it refers to an opinion poll conducted.

Through this public interest , the result is that 93% of Indonesian people do not want the dog meat trade, and also the illegal dog meat trade.

"Apart from being a threat to public health and the environment, the continued rampant sale of dog meat also makes Indonesia's image in international eyes not good, because it violates animal welfare," said Karin.

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