who won election in Pakistan 2024: who won the election of 2024 in Pakistan

Who won election in Pakistan 2024: who won the election of 2024 in Pakistan

[ISLAMABAD, 9th (Reuters)] - In the general election held in Pakistan on the 8th (Lower House, 336 seats), out of 245 seats counted by 1830 GMT on the 9th (3:30 a.m. Japan time on the 10th), Khan Independent candidates supporting the former prime minister won 98 seats, the most seats overall.

who won election in pakistan 2024: who won the election of 2024 in pakistan
who won election in Pakistan 2024: who won the election of 2024 in Pakistan

This election will be held for 265 seats, with 133 seats needed for a simple majority.

Mr. Khan is in prison on charges including leaking state secrets, and candidates from the main opposition Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI), which he leads, were not allowed to run as PTI candidates, so he ran as an independent.

On the other hand, former Prime Minister Sharif's ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League-Sharif (PML-N), won 69 seats, the largest number of any single party. Bilawal's Pakistan People's Party (PPP), the son of assassinated former Prime Minister Bhutto, won 51 seats.

Mr. Khan and Mr. Sharif each declared victory. Sharif said his party would not be able to secure a clear majority on its own, so he would consult with other parties to form a coalition government.

In this general election, security deteriorated leading up to voting day, with 28 people killed in attacks by armed groups, and vote counting was delayed due to the suspension of mobile phone service. It is unusual for Pakistan to delay the announcement of election results. A senior election official explained that "internet issues" were the cause of the delay.

Analysts have predicted that no single party will win a majority in this election, and that there will be a coalition government made up of multiple parties. Furthermore, it was pointed out that while the country is struggling to recover from the economic crisis, armed groups are rising amid increasing political polarization, which could exacerbate social turmoil.

If a coalition government forms, as analysts predict, it will become more complex to deal with the various challenges facing the country. The most pressing issue is a new support program from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The current program ends in three weeks.

On the 9th, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union (EU) expressed concerns about the election process. He cited allegations of election interference, including the arrest of activists, and said the possibility of fraud should be fully investigated.

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